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Pompeo for Khadidjo escort wrote:
Perhaps not unreasonable, but it requires that she agrees it was a decent date. Your perspective alone is insufficient to establish this as the case. see the review
Skippered for Liqitu escort wrote:
Yes x10. see the review
Econway for Meeri Elizabet escort wrote:
rolleyes ?!?! see the review
Seasone for Khitam escort wrote:
OP, Some people are just good dates no matter who they’re with. They’re nice, happy, friendly and inquisitive with everyone. They make other people feel good. Read Emily Post, Miss Manners or Dale Carnegie. see the review
Han for Venesia escort wrote:
I realize that the dating section of this site seems to be a catch all because people think there's more traffic here. Well, that's true because people post so many topics here. It's like one stop shopping. If threads were placed where they belong, traffic might be more evenly disbursed on the site. see the review
Palindromes for Ajaj escort wrote:
Regardless, if you are starting a thread about your husband/wife, or your live in boyfriend/girlfriend, it's safe to say that you aren't dating anymore. You've moved past that. There are sections here that deal with marriage and committed relationships. see the review
Kalecki for Mei Chen escort wrote:
If you're talking about someone you're dating or would like to date, and you mention your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, then there are infidelity and cheating sections here. see the review
Shylock for Zelealem escort wrote:
If you're talking about sex, there's a sexual health and practices section here where that type of discussion is appropriate. That section is for registered members only for a reason. Sex isn't to be discussed in the open sections of the forum. see the review
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