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Acrisius for Liqitu escort wrote:
So yesterday, me and the guy who I’ve been meeting for one month now (just became official last weekend) had plans to meet up after work. He said he would be there around 7pm. After showering, 7pm rolls around and he texts me. I ask him where he is. He says that he unexpectedly ran into or received a message from a friend at the subway station (not sure exactly because his first lang is not English) and he asked me if meeting Thursday was okay instead (I already told him earlier this week that I’m not free Thursday). see the review
Exudate for Ebba Elisabeth escort wrote:
We see each other once or twice a week, but what bugs me is that this friend of his could have made plans to see him if he cared about him that much. see the review
Diviner for Sara Sahar escort wrote:
This is my third serious relationship and I want to be as mature and understanding as possible. So I didn’t give him a hard time about it at all. see the review
Trosper for Princess Wonderful escort wrote:
Canceling last minute is unacceptable, unless it's something really serious. see the review
Torr for Reiduhn escort wrote:
It was a tad inconsiderate but not that big of a deal. He gave you a heads up, not much of one. see the review
Alces for Berry escort wrote:
That was very inconsiderate and rude. If his explanation is truthful (I have doubts about that), he should have prioritized you. I honestly could not date someone who would do that to me. I expect the person I’m dating to be consistently reliable and considerate. see the review
Paducah for Aljumaili escort wrote:
I agree with the others that it was rude. I could see how he might have asked to change the plans but to just cancel last minute wouldn't be acceptable to me unless it was something really huge and rare like a family member in the hospital. Things aren't looking good with this guy IMO. see the review
Drseuss for Rispah escort wrote:
See how Saturday goes. see the review
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